- Sharon JJ


Sharon JJ is born in a small town close to Brindisi. At a very young age, with her brother, she fell in love with CLUB music and found in it her way of life, with great motivation and curiosity. Very young, she moved to Milan where she studied as a fashion designer. In the meanwhile, Sharon perfected with everyday practice, her mixing techniques and slowly shaped her music background and interest in different music genres buying new records and music rarities. From this point, it began her fascinating venture in the glittery world of night clubbing.Like everyone at the beginning, Sharon starts playing at private friend’s parties, where slowly acquires positive consents among them, until more serious proposals are not slow to come, to perform in different major events. From here on, Sharon shaped in her deepest heart that her most inner and joyful dream ‘came true” and she could become a professional Dj.Since 2014 she start putting new blocks over her experience and culture, producing several tracks. Her first work is a remix, in collaboration with the Dj Producer Alex D’Elia for Ready2Rock label.Her first debut single is called “ FOCUS ep” including 2 Techno bangers( Focus and The Circus)The Project received a banner on Beatport and many supports from Big djs all over the world,especially “ THE CIRCUS” get n.49 on the BEATPORT techno chart...