- Shapers


Shapers is a French DJ / Producer from that generation immersed in electronic music and multi-culturalism since a very young age. His passionate soul and extraverted nature have influenced his musical discoveries which gradually refined his sound within the spectrum of house music tinged with world music influence.
From an organic Downtempo, Deep House to an electric Techno, his selections invite to discover ethnic electronic music through sophisticated sets that captivate his dancefloor. He reveals in his sets a powerful harmony, a mesmerizing combination of groovy electronic music and deep melodies from world music. Sound recordings is the core of his work process, transmitting in his music the colors of his travels, mixed with powerfull rythms. A symbolic signicance of subtlety and uniqueness that undoubtedly lead the crowd to a deep hearing and dancing journey. Released on Kindisch Music (Berlin), Aathee Records (Chicago), NCTRNL Records (L.A), Klassied Records (Amsterdam), Wanderlust Music (Serbia).