- Sevdahbaby


Today, as well as 10 years ago, behind SevdahBABY alias stands only one man. His name is Milan Stanković and he is most joyful when he mixes different musical cultures in his tunes. He is not afraid of being accused of heresy from neither audience: for example, from the mainstream or Balkan folk music fans on one hand and representatives of the urban club culture on the other hand. He strongly believes that music is universal, and the Balkan Sevdah is equal to American blues, or Brazilian tristessa. Three years ago, he gathered his most trusted and talented friends and formed SevdahBABY LIVE. SevdahBABY, who was once a one-man-band, now arouse to a whole new level. SevdahBABY LIVE is a crew which represents the idea of combining the best of both worlds: the power of digital programmed music, as music basis, and the beauty of great live performance. SevdahBABY is also active as a DJ and he has been performing since 2007. He has played all around ex Yugoslavia, as well as in the neighboring countries. He also performed on the prestigious EXIT Festival in Novi Sad, in Dance Arena. SevdahBABY LIVE band performs with the following members: -- Djixx -- female vocal -- Milan Stanković -- vocal, guitar, talkbox -- Andreja Jovanović -- drums -- Zmo - bass guitar