- Serotonin Drops


Serotonin Drops (Bruno Gets & Jorick Croes) began to DJ in The Hague clubs like Silly Symphonies and Paard van Troje in the early 2000's, mixing house and techno with European post-industrial electronic body music. They started producing in 2003, creating their own tracks – initially as "Jorick Croes & Bruno Gets". Their subsequent productions as "Serotonin Drops" have helped them to take their genres steps further. Bruno & Jorick have established themself as one of minimal-techno’s underground innovators, a reputation cemented by their releases. They have sometimes been portrayed as some kind of obscure scientist figures within the minimal techno culture, partly because of their innovative use of music technology. Much of their time is taken up by music production and gigs to play anywhere from strong raves to tiny sweatboxes for small amount of people. They say that what they've seen on their wild musical journey suggests that any pronouncement of the death of dance music is seriously premature. Serotonin Drops have also done a number of projects which fall well outside the traditional role of the club DJ. They talk a lot about experimenting, but it would be incorrect to characterize them purely as some kind of electronic lab technicians. Aliases: Jorick Croes & Bruno Gets