- Serj V


SERJ V (Serj Maltsev) Take, for example, the distant city of Naberezhnye Chelny in Tatarstan, roughly 600 miles from Moscow. This is the home of a most productive young man with the stage-name of Serj V. A swift investigation of various social networks then reveals that his real name is Serj Maltsev, whilst on Soundcloud he's actually listed as a resident of St. Petersburg: two names and two towns are drawn upon, if not more. And so the question automatically poses itself: is there anything in this specific environment that might make nu-disco so appealing?Naberezhnye Chelny for most Russians probably suggests heavy industry more than anything else. Home to roughly half a million people, the city is frequently associated with the production of long- distance transport. The local Kamaz truck factory was once - and may still be - the largest in the world. The gap between deafening machinery and a Balearic soundtrack could not be greater. Nu-disco harks back to a style that spoke eloquently to Soviet citizens of magical entertainment - in forbidden locations, far from the factory floor. Although classic disco was often apolitical, it nonetheless promised much to the citizens of a woefully political society. Six hundred miles, originating in smoke, can today create the same impression of isolation - and nu-disco still evokes something rare and glossy.As Giorgio Moroder famously once remarked: "Disco is music for dancing, andpeople will always want to dance." That desire grows relative to one's distance from neon lights.