- Sed Project


Under their Sed Project production guise, successful Dutch duo, Jean-Paul Grobben and Serge Dusault have a unique approach to their craft, viewing life through a concave lens. From this wider perspective, they are able to juxtapose outwardly happy personas against the melancholy realities of everyday existence, in the fundamental forms of love, life and death. "Shining the light on darker things", they capture their very abstract essence in word and electronic form."We put our fears and emotions in our music" claims Jean- Paul, and it is these intimate life experiences combined with a wider worldview that shape Sed Project's musical sensibilities. No more keenly are these sensibilities felt than on their 2012 full-length album "The End" with its playful reference to the Mayan prophecy of Earth's premature demise. Encapsulating the themes that have driven their music to new levels, rare storytelling abilities are fully realised in an organic approach so often lacking in the electronic music medium.With an impressive catalogue of work for seminal labels including, Particles, Olaris and Proton Music, and collaborations with Lisette van den Berg, Door Visser and Paul Davids, the duo's 2011 "Future Able" EP marked the start of a very bright future for the mellifluous tones of Sed Project and "The End" is just the beginning.