- Secret Of Elements


Johann Pätzold was involved very much in club scene of Rostock. In this time he got to know the Rostock DJ and producer Stefko Kruse. Kruse and Pätzold united; while Kruse produced the electronic part of the music, Pätzold worked to him with the melodies and composed the piano music. Then in 2010 Stefko Kruse experienced with his own live project Turm3 Great success, so that Johann Pätzold alone continued. When Stefko Kruse with Turm3 became more known, he and Johann Pätzold went separate ways .Johann began a a study of the physical technology in the PTL(Hamburg).illness-partly had to break off.To the treatment he returned to Rostock. During his illness he produced large parts of his first-born’s work Minds in the psychiatric department of the university medical centre of Rostock. In addition the in-house music space was made available to him. With his produced titles applied Pätzold with the record label Time zone and received shortly after a record contract.To be able to appear as live after the leaving of Stefko Kruse furthermore, Johann Pätzold work together with Martin Menzel who was inspired by the project united. Pätzold made the complete production of the titles and Menzel put on the live beats.After two years both separated again. Since 2012 works Johann alone and is also a producer for other projects like Theater and Films.