- Sebastian Huechel


Sebastian is a DJ and Producer from Friedewald (Hessen), Germany. He has dedicated himself to electronic music in his early years and stands loyal until today. First he was working as a event technician where he learned about the technique that is needed on stage, which has proven to be a big help. This knowledge was the basis to develop to someone who can give technical support for events and also musical support. As a DJ he has been around on techno-parties in the area of Hessen and Thuringia since 2005. He is frequently booked by regional clubs due to his cross-genre music style. Apart from projects such as “Die Jungs vom Poniehof” and also the co-foundership of the DJ-collective einsnulleins, Sebastian started to take part in the event series *(heimlich)-feiern and joined the *(heimlich)-audio label one year later. His appetite and passion for electronic music and the community is pushing him until today and challenges him every day to work on his sound and musical understanding, without loosing his joy in partying.