- Sebastian Bianco


Sebástian Bianco, Founder and CEO of Skandhas Records, record label of the City of Trelew, Patagonia Argentina ...focused on Techno music.Sebástian Bianco (Sebastián Miguel Ariza) is an Argentine record producer. Born in the city of Bahía Blanca (Province of Buenos Aires) ...he currently lives in the city of Trelew (Chubut - Patagonia Argentina) ...he began his career in mid-2012, in that place as Mike Ariza, with his first release under the pseudonym of Sebástian Bianco Ariza and a re-release under the pseudonym of Mike Ariza. Captivated at an early age by electronic music ...with a great appreciation of musical genres such as Trance, until he felt strongly influenced by the sounds of Techno and Experimental Music. In their tracks, they know how to find sounds recorded by him in their outings around the city, trips and others.With a trajectory of more than half a decade, Sebástian Bianco, has had the pleasure of being invited to Seminars of Music Production, Workshops and other events held in several geographical points.He participated in the first Showcase made in the history of Argentine Patagonia. Its label is positioned as one of the first labels of the history of Patagonia Argentina, the first in line officially (IN THIS GEOGRAPHIC REGION) and the first label in the history of the city of Trelew (Record Label), its motto is the personality and spirit ...sophisticated sounds, companionship ...TECHNO MUSIC!