- Sean Random


"After 5 years of constant work and dedication the Colombian DJ and producer Juan Alejandro Usma R aka Sean Random, gained great recognit ion in his count ry and internationally with his style full of percussion, groovy bass lines and a touch of dark rhythms which make a perfect fusion in the atmosphere carrying the listener away from each of their senses and interpreting these sounds in their own way.This year has been a lot of work and excellent achievements for Sean. His music toured many parts of the world by Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Popof, Sebastién Leger, Kaiserdisco, Carlo Lio, The Junkies, to name some of the biggest DJ's showing his taste for Sean's sounds. Meanwhile The Junkies has been an important part of this process and have provided a full and continuing support, signing on his own label " Local Music " his best-known track "Get The Drive" which was a bomb on the dance floor and I think it will continue killing.Sean signed on labels such as Local Music, Inmotion Music, Form Music, KD Music, Potobolo Records, Sk Supreme and now exclusively signed to the MINDSHAKE f amily ."