- Scotty.A


Scotty.A is a British electronic music producer & DJ. His break through year in 2011 saw him recognized by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo & Nick Warren as well as being signed to the Russian based DAR Label, this coupled with his extraordinary passion for music and dedication to his craft is certain to see his career soar in the coming months. keen to avoid being pinned down to only one genre, he describes his sound as a hypnotic amalgamation of house, techno and electronica which takes the listener on a unique journey. As well as continuing to dj whenever possible Scotty is unrelenting in the studio, constantly working on new mat erial and cont inually developing and defining his own sound. With a International interest from labels, producers, fellow dj’s and most importantly the crowds at his live gigs Scotty.A is surely set to be an prominent figure in the future of electronic music.