- Scott Stevenson


Scott Stevenson is an Electronic Composer based in Brisbane Australia. Over the last last few years Scott has released a variety of Ep’s and Singles on different labels, each one evolving from the last in genre and tone. While being committed to dance-floor production aesthetics, Scott is unafraid to experiment in his quest for an idiosyncratic audio identity.His latest release on the local imprint Weird Dance Music is a testament to this quest with the narrative of the EP ranging from lush, textured and moody atmospherics to driving syncopated rhythms, rising and falling over a classic 4/4 groove. With reference points to Four Tet and Max Cooper the Record would feel most at home in the 'Left-field' department, although there are certainly arguable undertones of Techno and Electronica.Scott’s current live performance routine is currently one based around DJing with predominantly his own music with recent investigation into incorporating live performance techniques with Ableton Push and Live Percussion.The EP “Little Bears and Polar Stares" is available in December on www.weirddancemusic.com and all major digital retail outlets.https://soundcloud.com/scott-stevenson-1 http://www.facebook.com/ScottStevensonOfficial scotthstevenson@gmail.com