- Schwarz & Funk


Bob Schwarz and Jesse Funk have known each ot hersince t hey worked at Radio Skyline in t he early 90ies,Bob working as an audio engineer and being alsoresponsible for commercials and jingles.Aft er t hat period t he t wo of t hem lost cont act for awhile, Bob st art ed a small st udio of his own, his workas a professional musician keeping him busy as well.Jesse had his own club for several years and alreadydid a lot of djing. Bet ween 95 and 97, when Jessewas t ouring Ibiza (El Divino/ Privilege/et c.), he finallydecided t o st art his own producing.He had played in several punk bands himself duringt he 80ies and had preserved and cult ivat ed his ownopen-minded musical t alent .In t he early 90ies, Jesse finally focused on Djing.Burst ing wit h many innovat ive ideas, he was lookingfor t he right part ner t o realize t hem.He cont act ed his long t ime friend Bob, and t his mat chproved t o be perfect . A great and creat ivecooperat ion began and cont inued t o be successfuland sat isfying t hroughout t he 90ies and t o dat e.This t eam really hit it off from t he beginning. Firstt hey st art ed experiment ing wit h different st yles, int he meant ime t hey concent rat e on chill and housemusic and have creat ed t heir own individual sound ast hey like t o point out . Bob and Jesse always enjoyplaying most part s of t heir music t hemselves, on realinst rument s.We love t o work wit h audio files and inst rument s, andwe're bored by quant ized midi.Being professional musicians t hemselves, t heynat urally came t o know many excellent musicians t heylove t o involve on t heir project s as oft en as possible.Joe T. Aykut , a good friend for many years andexcept ional guit arist can be regarded as t heir biggestasset . His spect acular solo performance forms one oft he key component s of Bob`s and Jesse`s houseproject s. Lit t le wonder t hat such big st ars as J.C.A., Barbara Tucker and even t he Bee Gees are keen t oemploy him.Bob and Jesse est ablished t heir first st udio in Bob`snew home in Bocksberg. In t he meant ime Jesse hadalso a st udio of his own and t hat `s how t hey creat edt he joint boxberg st udios. Their newest project ,however, is planned t o t ake place on Ibiza. Followinga CD-product ion for Ibizalife and a number of project swit h Pic and Micha. t he t ime has come t o move on t oIbiza, t he cent re of music life. Ibizalife andBoxbergst udios are at t he beginning of a promisingcollaborat ion, which offers various opport unit ies t opresent t heir performance even more effect ively.During t he recent years t heir musical out put hasraised up t o over 200 t racks, released oncompilat ions worldwide. Their composing workincludes commercial t racks for Alfa Romeo ads, aswell as for Luft hansa, Tui, Volkswagen, Orange, Pilat esand Brit a and more.All art ist s share t he same passion ; making andproducing music is a must :"We will cont inue t o produce and make music, creat ecommercials, support and record bands, refine DJproductions, et c...we just have t o do it ..."


Autumn Leaves: Chilled House Vibes for the Colder Days
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