- Schizophrenic Frequenzy


The Project Schizophrenic Frequenzy was created of the Dj and Producer SCANTRAX GERMANY (Frank Sprengel)and aswell he is the Owner and Creator of these 3 Record Labels: SDL (SCHIZOPHRENIC DIGITAL LABEL) and Paranoid Traxx Label & Hallucination Digital Label. The Project has a strong influence in the market, especially in the aspect of minimal house which brings a different take on these Style...with striking grooves and different Style of Production. The Schizophrenic Frequenzy Project..as the name implies..is often schizophrenic..and take the public into a deep frequenzy with striking bass footprints and minimalist grooves. SCANTRAX GERMANY has a solid career of 19 years.. the footprint of Hard - Style and productions with low lumbering raising anyone...besides being an excellent negotiator. yone, besides being an excellent negotiator.