- schädel


+ Info: http://www.schadelofficial.com/As he grew up he developed his listening skills, he fuelling it with a variety of music styles, since he finally found out to what identify himself with: electronic music. Schadel is the leading manager of one of the greatest promoting companies with more repercussions in these days. This DJ is continuously updating the electronic music scene in our country with the aim of booking several events at national, as well as international level. Schadel has shared stage with celebrities all over the world, for instance: CRISTIAN VARELA, A.PAUL, SERGY CASTTLE, UNER, UTO KAREM, FERNANDA MARTINS, MARC MARZENIT, FATIMA HAJJI, DAVID MONLEÓN, ALEXANDER KOWALSKI, HORACIO CRUZ, MALKE, RESISTHOR (pet duo techno set), FRANCESCO FARFA, ROBERT LAMART, PENDULUM, KEN ISHII, DAVE THE DRUMMER, MIKI CRAVEN, CANDY COX, DJ MURPHY, PAULA CAZENAVE, ARIZ, LUKAS, FRANK KVITTA, O.B.I, DJ PEPO, BEN SIMS, OSCAR MULERO, SPARTAQUE, DJ ROLANDO, CHARLOTTE DE WHITE, KARENN, MONIKA KRUSE, JAY LUMEN, MARCO BAILEY, LEN FAKI, NUKE, CESAR ALMENA, VIPER XXL, COYU, PELACHA, KARRETERO and more.