- Sascha Lebemann


Sascha Lebemann BiographieenglishThe 30-Year-old succesful DJ, Producer and Labelhost Sascha Lebemann is not only in Frankfurt well-known for a long time. His first Vinyl "Nachts im Club" with Mixes from John Lagora and Lula Circus which appeared in 2011 is still be celebrated. Mid 2012 the "Livingman" created and established his own Imprint "Audiothentica" with three 12Inch Release in a half year and it could not run better for him... Next to his Residency at Frankfurt most famous and realest Techno Event, the "MOVE" at the Tanzhaus West, Sascha hosts at the very cool "Club Digital" his own night "Nachts im Hotel" which also very popular.Sascha comes from the dancefloor, live and love what he ́s doing and convinces beside symphaty and authenticity with high-quality and ultra-groovy dj-sets crowd and scene. Grewn up with nearly all kind of music, he discovered Techno when he was 18. This explains his large spectrum of sound which could be described as minimalistic, deep or tech-housy to technoid. Since 2005 he celebrates his dj-sets with vinyl and meanwhile cd, never ignoring the mixing. Ambition for beeing multi-tonal, far away from mainstream, without using a hype.http://www.saschalebemann.de ht t p://www.audiot hent ica.de