- Sani


Alexander Chaganava a.k.a. Sani was born on 30 November 1986 in Tbilisi, Georgia.Already when he was a little boy Sani was into music. He was listenning to all alternative genres, thus searching for the sound close to his personality.His passion for music found its ways when he was 18, when a couple of friends organized a private party, where Sani had a unique first chance to demonstrate his collection of electornic beats to his friends and at the same time introduce himslef as a begginer DJ. This was his crucial experience and Sani began experimenting in electronic sounds and not only. Since then, because of his unique taste in music and his skills to feel the crowd on the dancefloor, Sani was invited for the gigs almost in all clubs around the country.Two years later young Dj left for Vienna, where he was invited to play at Camera Club several times. here he discovered the new flavors of music and clubbing limits. Inspired with new experiences and techno sounds Sani tried himself in music production and very successfuly - his very first tracks became a big interest of record lables such as Piso Records and SK Supreme Records.