- Sand


Since she started mixing in the late nineties, Sand's musical options are determinedly eclectic: her very particular selection breaks the lines between musical styles, and gets together the audiences and the trends.Since ten years, she opened quite a few doors, through her own events - tending to promote female artists - , and her DJ residencies.Curious and restless, Sand spreads her skills in many projects, as a DJ, or producer, or art director: Madame, Moustache, the Wood,Greenlight for Girls, Next Girl DJ Contest with Electric Indigo, Girly Mondays.. or renewing the line-up at the Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride.Since she was first invited at the beginning of the Piknik Elektronik in Brussels, her electro selection was to make numerous fans.Now working on her own production. Love Me was her first track, release in collaboration with Norton White & Select, and also remixed by Rodriguez Junior March 2011 .