- Samuele Tinagli


Samuele Tinagli dj & producer born in Italy in Florence in 1982 , he began studying music at the age of 7 years ( keyboards and drums). In the early '90s , attending the famous Italian club trend like Jaiss , Insomnia , imperiale, Cocorico , Kama and Tenax , begins to approach the world of night and its sounds techno and house staying very fascinated ...at age 17 he made his debut as a DJ in a local Florentine becoming resident for a season & noted for his charisma and his innovative musical selections .... over the years thanks to various collaborations play in the best of situations night landscape Florentine ... like tabasco tenax Jaiss kama .Currently a member of the Yulia Records, record label working with the best Italian underground scene....Samuele Tinagli has performed with major artists like: Boosta ( Subsonica ), Francesco Farfa, Gabry Fasano , Luca Doobie , Andre Crom , Claudio Coccoluto , Miky, Butch , Stefano Fontana , Supernova, Paolo Kighine ,FrancescoZ appala , Joy Kiticonti , DJ Chus , Matthew Hoag ,Alexander Robotnik .Samuel Tinagli describes the sets as musical paths that guide the listener , focusing on the creation of an imaginary bridge between the public and itself