- Sam Vandal


Who is Sam Vandal? Sam Vandal is an alias of Sheffield based DJ and producer Sam Evans, an alter ego that has spent the last decade producing global underground anthems and vandalising dance floors all over the planet Earth. Under the Vandal name, Sam has created an electronic act that effortlessly fuses together various genres whilst still retaining his own unique sound. The praise and support of his music over the years has come from some of the most important djs in dance music and the electronic beat loving public have shown serious love for the Vandal, resulting in tens of thousands of vinyl, cd and download sales and invites to DJ in some of the most respected venues in clubland. It all began for Vandal in the year 2001. Vandal’s first vinyl outing was a remix of the kitsch German electro act Stereo Deluxe, released on the respected Welsh label Plastic Raygun. The response to this early release was exceptional with a highlight being a seal of approval from the don of electronic music Andrew Weatherall. Withthe Weatherall seal of approval Vandal was up and running and people were taking notice. His first full single ‘Delivering the Goods’, quickly followed and immediately made an impact. American Magazine XLR8R made ‘Delivering the Goods’ Breaks Single of the Month and stated “Vandal is severely in the place”. NME raved about it, BBC Radio 1 played it and some of the top DJs including James Zabiela supported it. By the end of 2001 Vandal was voted fifth best producer in the world and ‘Boom Stick’ was voted third best single of 2001 by Breakspoll (International Breakbeat Awards). Not bad considering he only released one single and a couple of remixes over that 12 month period. Later on in the second half of 2004 Sam made a move that was to prove to be hugely successful for him and signed up to the now seminal breakbeat and tech funk label Lot49 run by Meat Katie and Dylan Rhymes and delivered for his first single on the label the earth shattering ‘Mad as Hell’ attracting widespread attention and support worldwide, even being included by Zane Lowe in his best of 2005 radio show. The release of 'Mad As Hell' launched Sam to the next level and lead to shows around the world and including 9 gigs at the infamous Fabric in London. With over a decade of releases, remixes, collaborations too numerous to list here and now even a label of his own in Benefit Recordings Sam shows no sign of slowing down with his mission to push techno infused breakbeat to even more people. Now releasing and DJing under the name Sam Vandal 2014 will see the release of a new compilation and artist album on Benefit and a remixes version of his Tonight We Riot album on LOT49, as well as a number of singles and collaborations.