- Salvador Pacheco


Salvador Pacheco is a new talent from santiago de chile. With 12 years salvador beginning to experiment with electronic sounds . Now in 2012 he looking back to a lot of great releases and remixes on numerous labels with his own tribal tech house style. A great talent being born. Salvador never tried to get caught up in a specific subgenre of house, but wanted to keep the productions up to date and innovative. Salvador puts great emphasis on melodies in his productions and wants to appeal to fans of many different tech house music genres. Salvador Pachecho signed in 2011 with the gamma pulsar ep on kayowa within a month the buzz around them spread noticeably and they were recognized on labels such DNW, Scorpion, Privilege and 3Star Muzik , just to name a few. His Tech Tribal House new style productions bringing a new sound to the scene. Pachecho truly is the Sound of Now.