- Saint Janus


Saint Janus sound creativities is a mixture of deep passionfor alternative rhythms, twisted ideas, changing moods, thefreedom and long-year experience within the psychedelicmusic scene. He keeps connected to a line of heavy analogequipment mixed with some very selected software pluginswhich makes the music more organic and different fromnowadays mass releases.Since its very early days in the late nineties he have beeninvolved as a chill out and psytrance DJ, organized morethan 100 trance parties and did publish a free electronicmusic magazine in several years.Today he's based in the Philippines. A twisted and extremeplace to live but good for the innovation and freedom tocreate ideas that's beyond the scope of imitation andexpectations. He find himself back to the roots, closer totribes and nature - a virgin place where the psychedelicculture not even have set it's footprint yet!Enough words - let the music speak for itself.