- SA5H


"SA5H" pronounced SASH, [ALL UPPERCASE] ....Driven by ambition, enthusiasm and pure passion for music, SA5H is one of those DJ’s who takes his love for dance music very seriously, and because of that , he has undoubtedly become a figure amongst the current generation of South African DJs & Producers,As a DJ, SA5H has embraced the “commercial” and “underground” aspects of electronic dance music and has been injecting that unique sound into dancefloors all across South Africa and into his own label imprint Rejekted Records.The caliber of SA5H's studio output have made their way onto record labels in Europe, Canada, Miami, New York, Amsterdam and even South Africa's own imprints F! Records [div of Soul Candi] & Flexual Records, with no signs of stopping anytime soon !2013 will see more music, bigger sounds and collaborations, and maybe the beginning of a debut artist album.