- S.M.O.D.


S.M.O.D. are Sascha Müller and Oliver Deutschmann. They do TechnoMeet S.M.O.D. the beautiful liaison between Smilla & Oliver Deutschmann.This collision, forged by coincidence and gut feeling of hot and heavy creative juices, marks a turning point in the artistic life of both producers and DJ’s.Both artists, ripe with experience and knowledge, heavy weights in their field co-create a deep and magnetic soundscape outside of our comfort zone. Guiding and forging a way simultaneously, with an immaculate musical precision, alien to the human experience.With Smilla having explored harsh and straight forward, pushy Techno with the two albums Harthouse & Analogue Audio, Deutschmann is much more lightly dancing the line between various genres with Mote Evolver & Hotflush exhibiting a more multi- facetted sound, taking us deeply into the musical power of atmospherically storytelling - a vivid and rich soundscape.These two very opposing creative forces make the musical collaboration so sexy - Deutschmann’s friskiness magnificently pollinates Smilla’s musical asceticism. While they certainly meet in a dark and almost dystopian gaze onto the world.The collaborative debut of S.M.O.D.- the EP “A form of travel unknown to humans” simultaneously marks the birth of Smilla’s new Techno Label Taktschleife.Welcome to the world, we are excited for more.