- S&C


S&C started as a project in 2010.. Before that Kristijan Ilišinović and Saša Prečanica were making music since 2001, and playing live since 2007 as Christian Wolf & Sasha P.Beside S&C they developed 2 more project, Lunar Dawn which is a goa trance project and Narayan, which is a dark ambient/indutsrial/noise project.In that period they were constantly playing live on their event Genesis which was held every month in local youth club in their hometown Sisak, always bringing new and fresh music and artists form various cities. In year 2011. they played six hour long live set of their production music made from 2001, to celebrate 10 years of music production.Their style is a combination of oldschool with newschool flavours, varying from deep, tech, progressive house to techno.In 2014. they released first album titled "Essences" which was released for MHT Records.