- Rusty Bridges


Hailing from the mountain tops of British Columbia near the site of the Shambhala music festival Rusty Bridges has been influenced by many genres within the electronic music scene of the Kootenays as well as Calgary Alberta, Victoria and Salt Spring Island. This makes for a seasoned yet well spiced batch of synthetic bass snarbles with a side of skanky beats. His tracks will get you grinding on the dance floor with a smirk on your face.Here are some phrases used to describe Rusty Bridges:Spicy bass gravy with flanger fries - Savant dubstep - Samsquanch mating calls - Feral - Broken air compressors - Space garbage - Gib - Evil balloon animals - Botched - More absorbent than Sham Wow - Bllerrgh! - Apocalyptic robot grime.