- RRix RRix


Musician, DJ, music producer, organizer of EDM festivals, label owner, lover of music andqualitative parties. RRix RRix is Timo Moss’ project in the genre of snarling and ringingsounds, such as progressive and electro house, and a little bit in the genre of dubstep.The RRix RRix means the combination of such sounds.In 2007 Timo started to organize festivals of electronic dance music, where he shared thestage as a DJ with such gurus of the world’s electronic dance scene as Paul Oakenfold,Cosmic Gate, Matt Darey, Marcel Woods, Simon Patterson and other famous musicians andDJs .In 2010 Timo started creating electronic dance music and 3 years later in 2013 DJ andmusic producer Arkady Neuro joined the RRix RRix project.