- Rotkraft


Rotkraft was formed in Georgia, T bilisi in june of 2011 byfriends Lasha Margiani and George Japaridze. At first theywere more attracted in mixing but in the summer of 2012,group made some original productions and remixes. T heirsound is described as "Nu Disco/Electronic". Before Georgeand Lasha met each other they were workingseparately.T he main point why they started to make musictogether was the similar tastes. In the beginning they hadsome projects which were not as succesfull as the newones. One of their first successful remixes was Goldroomfeaturing Chella Fifteen. After this project some of theproducers started to notice the youngsters. However, thiswas not enough. In 2013 after years of hard work AndrewSalsano from Nurvous Records offered them to release theirfirst EP