- Roshambo


Whether they are logging hours in the studio or electrifying dance floors, RoShamBo has made an immediate impact on the breakbeat music scene.With RoShamBo members hailing from Los Angeles and Miami, the duo's unique sound spans from coast to coast. Teaming up in 2013, they have released dozens of high energy 'ReTweaks' and a number of originals while gaining notoriety throughout the electronic music community.The combined talents of DJ/Producers 818 and Nicholas Armand deliver hard-hitting baselines, with a signature style that showcases a unique blend of electro and funky breaks. The appeal of RoShamBo's style is proven in the Soundcloud statistic of 35,000 plays in their first 6 months of producing together.Along with production talents, RoShamBo maintains a vigorous tour schedule showcasing their high-energy live show which includes drum machines, midi controllers and lights and video.As of June 2013, RoShamBo signed with Muze Entertainment (Orlando, FL). This partnership allows for distribution of their original music.