- Ronny Rambow


2002 stands Ronny Rambow for the first time behind the turntables and played place in small clubs in Berlin. In 2004, he sat down at his laptop, some programs are concerned and began to create his own sound.2007, it was time, he launched his profile Dj Morpheus at myspace music.2009 then was BoomBoomRecords attention to him and offered him a quick release of his song 'KIDZ' on.2010 He has the name Dj Morpheus left behind and now account under his real name Ronny Rambow music and hangs up.In the meantime, has his style of music in the genre of Tech House, Deep House, Electro House and Techno strengthened.Be in December 2010 we find his song 'Modjo' on the compilat ion:ELECTRO TRANCE - CLUB NU SOUND OF TECHNO.2011 Traxacid Records became aware of him and TRAXACID RECORDS is now his current record label. And recently, he also published under Denfis Records.