- Ron Halvar


Ron Halvar came into contact with the synthetic sounds of electronic music many years ago. His main focus has been on the genre of techno. After many technopartys visited, the charm of day by day became bigger with disc jockeying techno. Ron Halvar soon got all his savings together to acquire the necessary equipment like a CD player and a qualitative mixer. He also spent a lot of time researching interesting and talented artists and their creations. It was practiced, ddled and experimented to gain the necessary know-how. In order to pursue his favorite pasture undisturbed, a suitable spatiality was sought. After a lengthy search, a suitable place to stay was found, which, together with its label partners Dayowka and Gizmolane, was transformed into a musical oasis of well-being. The joint project strengthens the cohesion of the collective so that in 2014 a label called "Life Cycle Collective" was founded. The basic values of the label are clearly reected in the ideas and needs of Ron Halvar. He sets his priorities with select listeners as well as qualitatively unique Techno. Ron Halvar embodies and plays with love the mostly harder offshoot of the genre Techno. From hard basslines and ringing snares to melodic vocals as underlines, nothing is withheld from the discerning ear. An evening at the side of Ron Halvar makes every listener feel down to the mark that techno is not just music but a way of life.