- Rockzsolid


The group started out when the three artists came with the idea to combine their talent and work as one with thesame goal and blend this together in one act. “Give the world a whole new experience with their music and live show” Rockzsolid is an energetic live act with all the elements you need to make a puzzle complete.Our team consists of two DJ/Producers and a MC/Vocalist that individually have a large history ofachievements, they are determined to give the world of dance a new impulse!Back in January 2014 the group was founded, and now they are already playing on big venues like Noxx(Antwerp, Belgium) next to internatonal artists like Blasterjaxx, Glow in the Dark(Dirty Dutch), Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano. They spend a lot of time tinkering about their live acts and their quality back in the studio to bring the latest mixture of todays sound with a new good vibe.Rockzsolid has finished some collaborations with international artists and already on tour for some great festival gigs.