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ROCKWELL NO!ZE – BiographyIf you like house music - than you'll love ROCKWELL NO!ZEJust Four words are sufficient to describe ROCKWELL NO!ZE: passion, determination, reliability and teamwork! And seriously, are the three guys from the south of Germany in there given proof in studio work and emotive DJ sets time and again!Their flexibility in terms of electronic music and there experimentation they led to some already completed successful gigs in the European region, among others in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia, Croatia, England and Ibiza where they are allowed also 2012 to show at the Space what they can.Rockwell Noize, his real name is Lars and Bjorn Großschadl as Simon Storzer, all of them began their musical career in the early 90s. The former duo Lars & Bjorn and contemporary trio "Rockwell Noize!" Their DJ career started in 2006 as a highly talented and ambitious DJ team. After a very short time, the both starters get the attention of bigger clubs in and outside from Germany, and they get the chance to push there dj career very quickly.This possibility could not be both idle and after only one year, they were able to obtain bookings in Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With a lot of energy and commitment they drove the scene in their area at full speed. Be it with his own event series "Rock that Pussy" or the strong collaboration with the London party label "PukkaUp" whose events they sell now unprecedentedly good to clubs and adherence to escalation mature name DJs parties form.In 2008 the two brothers Lars and Bjorn meet Simon alias "SiPhunk" and decided to collaborate directly in a future common way. Simon Storzer played at a young age of 15, his first gigs under the name "SiPhunk" and later on at "Two.Inspired" a major part of the Stuttgart nightlife. In 1998 he start producing his own tracks and has since never ceased to develop in this direction.In 2009 they became resident DJ of Roberto Cavalli Club Tour 2010, and been elected to the newcomers of the Stuttgart region. But never the less they started with their own Brand "Rock that pussy" all of the clubs in Europe. So that 2011 it was inevitable to follow the call from Ibiza.By thyir impeccable impulsive Dj Set 2011 at the Pukka Up Boats and Space ( No. 1 Club the world ) the growd rocks straight and thats the reason why the guys get another booking for Ibiza 2012 for two seasons (July - September) ...Together as a trio, the guys stand for a progressive and groovy house sound. Years of experience in music production build a DJ team with brilliant references, great ambitions and three sympathetic individuals in a perfect symbiosis together.As producers they are under contract with some major labels. This year the guys released a lot of their own productions and remixes. We can only look forward what the next months and years will be showed us of these hard working musicians! KEEP ON ROCKIN'N!References: Space / Ibiza, Ibiza Rocks / Ibiza, The Kiss,Club Nights Of Soundz, I Love Music, Hard Rockers, House Loves Drums, Rock that Pussy, Rhema, Pukka Up, club station (A), St. Tropez World Tour and many more