- Robin Roovel


Finding good talents is very difficult in The Netherlands but sometimes those specials gems cross by with an unique blend of fresh sounds, proper beats and hands in the air feeling. We are very glad that we found this rising star and we know for sure you will add him to the ones to watch list in 2013! Robin Roovel is maybe a pretty unknown name for now, but his unique sound will takeover the world very soon! With already releases signed to Housepital he is around the corner of breaking through!But it doesn’t end just yet with only making good music. His energy also resolves in hands in the air feeling during his sets around the world! Robin knows that everybody can play the beatport top 100, and that is why he always brings his own unique productions and special made mashups to raise the temperature at any given party. If you are looking for groundshaking and bodymoving beats: don’t look any further! Robin Roovel is your pick and he is the one to watch for 2013!