- RobIlMaestro


Deejay, records collector, deep connoisseur of Music .His first rudimental attempts of mixing date back at the youth period, when he tried and practiced the "mix" with the tapes; then at the fall of the 80's his first meeting with the TURNTABLES and the birth of a never ending love !In a 20 years career he has offered and selected " Alternative , Refined and Not Ordinary" music for many clubs and venues , like the Rome Supperclub, the Gayvillage in Rome (just to name a few!) ; and in the last 6 years as resident at Rambla , an amazing beach club in Fregene (Rome) , where he leads one of the most successful party in the sunday summer time.At the same time of his dj career, he has expanded an amazing love and a deep knowledge for the Music, who brought him to become a reference for a lot of musiclovers and many other national and international djs ; with some of them he shows off a favored fiduciary relation as seller and "pusher" of "musical bombs" , and an exclusive exchange of experiences lived in their musical career!MAESTRO for his competence in research, always discovering new good music in the worldwide jungle market, for his well-known musical memory, as well as his technical skills on the mixing, he owned for 8 years ( till 2008) the shop DEEJAYMIX in Rome , one of the best and most underground record store in Italy for the djs !In the summer of 2010 he created a new brand : THE DEEP , devoted to art, photography, music , events , with a loft concept store in the heart of Rome ... now also label together with dj Max Marinacci.Actually he is studying classic piano and releasin new music for his own label .