- Robi Roka


Originally from South London, UK, Robi Roka was exposed to urban culture and dance music from a very young age. Starting out as a Jungle/Garage MC on a number of Pirate radio stations such as Flashback FM and Taste FM in London under the name of MC Rimes, Roka then found a passion for DJing. He quickly learned to mix the good ol’ way on a pair of technics 1210s and went on to perform at various nightclubs around London.Fast forward to the present and Robi Roka has had many career highlights including being booked by Unite with Tomorrowland and a Top 10 Beatport Hit with his track ‘Elevate’ which was also supported by TOP100 DJs.His high energy sets comprise of the latest Hip Hop, Trap and EDM with personal re-mixes, mashups and original tracks to keep the dance floor Hype all night. This added with his Microphone presence makes a high energy party atmosphere.