- Roberto Milanesi


Born in 1964, soon addicted to music, this eclectic artist has something to say, having a huge background in punk and rave movements, afro percussions, world music and electronics. Founder of Jambalay Records in 2010 and CBJ in 2011, he keeps producing his own stuff with various akas like EL BRUJO, DJ EL SANT I, ROBERT DOUBLEDEE MILLS. He's taking part in various ensembles, one of the most outstanding is the ''Mike&Rob'' project with Mike Anderson, whose awesome lyrics meet and match perfectly the music,with real life contents.The other project with Big Mojo brought some luck to the ensemble as their first track ''Mozambique'' was charted by Maya Jane Coles in feb 2011, and it's still played . Another one is the one with Pirate lady, their first album is out on Jambalay Rec. find more info on www.jambalay-records.com N-Joy