- Roberto Espinosa


Well known for his sonic wizardry hailing from Honduras with a vision of love, progress and unity through music, DJ/Producer/Composer Roberto "Bobby" Espinosa has released productions on some of the world's most respected techno labels. Such as, True Type Tracks and its newly established sister label GTK Musik, as well as Illegal Alien Records. Such releases have received a very warm welcome by DJs, producers, media and supporters of authentic High-Tech Soul music worldwide. Most notably, New Paradigm on True Type Tracks which was remixed by Underground Resistance's Nomadico, was revered as classic on ClubbingSpain's Sonorama and charted by Mathias Schaffhauser. Now residing in Los Angeles, California, Espinosa has been featured on the Brood Audio Podcast, has remixed tracks for artists like Ricardo Garduno, and continues to push the sound further by focusing on his solo work and a collaborative project called Micelio...