- Robbie Jay & Redub


Only few modern electronic dance music artist can convincingly say, that they can provide the highest quality of music for their listeners time by time. In this days it's hard to find a unique sound, and unique melody, what can catch the listeners all the time. On the last few years the Romanian electronic dance music duo, "Robbie Jay & ReDub" has provided one of the highest quality of music for their fans. Their story has been started in the year of 2008, when the 2 DJ's put their different worlds together (Techno/House & Trance/Progressive). In time their puzzle pieces has started to come together, the result of their work it was a new and unique sound, which can shortly catched the peoples attention. The first success it comes with their top E.P "Circles" which was released under the top Romania techno label "Skills Records". This production has lifted them up on the spotlight. After this big success, they started to work in plus on different remix project which brings them more opportunity on the dancefloor. Their famous "Balearic" remixes are one of the highest quality work, a true journey between the old deep house combined with some ambient balearic colors. Let's not forget the "Late Night" remix series, which is a blissful and harmonic combination between the stronger club oriented techno and the colorful progressive house. On the last few years they produced several remixes for popular artists like, "Cristian Paduraru", "Franzis-D", "Neel V", etc. Their success has attrected different labels from around the globe, and they released remixes under big labels like "InsomniaFM Records", "World Wide Exclusive", etc.The story continues growing up their discography with more interesting sounds and good vibes, prepared for the new year - be on the lookout for new music and slamming remixes coming soon, from the one of the leading Romanian electronic dance music duo.