- Rio Padice (It)


Owner of Early Sound Recordings together with Massimo Di Lena and P.S. Snichelotto, besides being a music producer he attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, specializing in scenic design. In 2007 he obtains the minimum necessary to approach the world of electronic music production, creating loops and short compositions mainly dedicated to occasional live performances. His style during those first years was influenced by the Neapoletan techno movement and his productions up to 2009 will be deeply affected by this style.Over the time he is interested in old production techniques of the 80′s-90′s, specializing in a completely handmade sound and setting up a home studio with vintage equipment using synthesisers, lo-fi samplers and drum machines of those years. He loves to blend the house music with several influences and inspirations from jazz-funk, new york garage, chicago house up to minimalistic techno solutions. He has had releases on several European labels like Rawax/Chiwax, Tsuba, Bass Culture and Raum Musik which have earned him a considerable following in lovers of house music. His Early Sounds label he runs with Massimo, is going from strength to strength, expect projects from Rio & Massimo and the rest of the Early sounds collective this year!