- RifRaf


OI means Yes or No, a balance between your choice to either do it or not.. Here is a little story about Rafael Gimelstein also known in music lexicon as RifRaf or djOI. NOT RIFFRAFF... RifRaf is Rafael Gimelstein, an established music producer, dj, promoter & entrepreneur. He splits his time between the summers of Sydney and Berlin, bringing together a wealth of musical knowledge, exclusive collaborations and spirituality.. Raf was born in Lithuania (Vilnius), raised in Israel, owered in Sydney- Australia. He is also known for organising Sydney's favourite underground community festival - Earthdance Sydney as well as the head of Deep As Fu*k parties in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland & Vilnius In 2008 Rafael released his debut 12" on BEEF records - Audio Chip with Hirtenfellner (Sascha Braemer) and Shades of Gray remixes. 2009 saw him relocate to Berlin, collaborating with many artists. In 2011 RifRaf had few more successful releases on prestige labels such as Tonkind, Upon.you, Regular records.. His 12" was on nr1 buzz charts of decks.de Currently Rafael is running OI Global events Human Zoo around at sacred sites around the globe. Raf is also a liated with Multi Culti family and has a fresh release under his new pseudo - djOI...This collaboration with Dreems and with a touch of Lum remix has created superslow dance oor monster. His fresh EP Serpent on Parallel Label with Analog Cabin Records and the remix from Jay Haze is out now..