- Ricky Rix


Ricky Rix is an Electronic Dance Music Producer & DJ from London.Described as the "Youth of House music in the UK" by many, Ricky has already been accosted by big names in the scene both artist and A&R, whilst also at the same time trying to move his career towards becoming one of them.In 2011Ricky had graduated from one of the best schools for music in the UK Point Blank London where he studied Music Production. By finishing a 2 year course at the school he instantly knew which direction he was heading for, at PB London Ricky had learned how to use software such as Logic and other DAW, this helped him put his ideas down into real music.After leaving PB London Ricky concentrated on building his own sound and library to ease his work flow, at the time House was back on the rise again with Europe dominating the scene and America also jumping onto the hype with collaborations with R&B artists. He had not released any material for almost 1 year and has been working hard in the studio but at the same time also keeping an eye on the EDM scene which is slowing building to be the sound of the world. Ricky has almost 10 tracks in the bag ready to put out there for which he is sure the people will love.2014will see the release of Ricky’s tracks which are all ready to go, he is now all geared up more than ever to release his music in 2014 and pursue the dream of playing his music to the masses at shows & and the biggest events.Keep ears open for this guy, as he is soon to be a name in the near future!