- Ricky Palys


“Producer and DJ of House, Techno and Breaks - rythmic & infectious grooves with a beady eye for quality"
An apt description of Ricky as a DJ and Producer. Not one for playing it safe and never too afraid to take his productions and DJ sets to more challenging territories. His music selections are his own take on the current musical landscape.
With a mixed spectrum of musical inuence this translates into sets and productions that infuse together all the pieces of the music he loves best: expressive synth work, atmospheric backdrops, pumping basslines and occasional vocal hooks... all on top of pronounced brooding beats. 
Ricky is no stranger to the ups-and-downs of a city music scene. Having promoted and DJ'd at the Edinburgh's underground club "beatroot" from 2002. The buzz created from this night did not go unnoticed and guestspots at several clubs soon followed. Though he loved playing in clubs his love for music went beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes. The move into production then followed. As one half of "New York City Diesel & Tricky Yardman" with fellow DJ and Producer Marty Lightbody