- Ricky-O


Hi everyone! I'm Dj Ricky O, since late 1990's I realized that I had a passion for music. Something inside me knew I had a good connection with music. I remember that I always used to hear my sister listen to Tiesto and other Dj's, and everytime I heard it I felt something inside me that was very exciting, where I could feel my heart rate pumping. In 2006, my passion for the music kept growing rapidly. I realized I had skills as a Dj for EDM. My neighbor and I started practicing and I remember we were doing a horrible job at it, but we kept on practicing and started watching tutorial videos. As we kept on practicing we became better at it, and that when I decided to buy my own decks and started dj'ing other Dj's music. In 2010, I met Julio Parra from Cosmikal Records, and he realized I had talent and recruit it me to his label. He granted me a place to play music and evolve in this industry. Since then Cosmical Records has become part of my family, we support each other mutually in our career. In 2014, I started taking producing classes and as time passed I started making my own tracks. Since then my career in Dj boomed and have been invited to Dj in many events by representing Cosmical Records. I recently have produced a one of my best tracks and will continue to produce my own music from now on. I hope you guys love my music as I do, thank you all for you support and hopefully see you soon dancing to my beat.