- Richard Groove


Since the 90's, Gabriel Madrid aka Richard Groove has been influenced with Hip Pop and Rap music, but through a small change of artists like Orbital and Kraftwerk, it gave him a small path to come other bunch of artists like Thomas Bangalter and Laurent Garnier that made him go to more urban sounds where the French and Disco House will mark him for life. This gave him the decision of becoming a dj and play this kind of music to the under side of the scene in Santiago ( Chile ) and using the dj nick " Daft Groove ". Through more homemade parties Gabriel starts to show the house genre with good results, but after contacting people in the Santiago's scene it gives him the oportunity to play at a real club with a good crowd as it was the " Bar Forestal " club. That's how his disc jokey work starts and where it comes more different oportunities to play in knowable clubs as "Cresta Negra" ( Rancagua ), " Punta De Lobos " ( Pichilemu ), " Pagano " ( Valparaiso ) y tambien tocar en eventos masivos como "Urban Rave " ( 2003 - 2004 - 2005 ), "Musica Desde El Oriente " ( 2008 ), Gay Parade Chile ( 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 ). Though his music creation didn't started until 2006 and it follows as a long process until 2010 where his sound production starting to really get well done and with mayor influences like Daft Punk, High Caliber, DJ Sneak and others. With a lot of work and much promotion, Richard Groove gave his first single called " Banged " and with this he signed more than one contract inside and outside of Chile, labels like Sugar Shock Digital ( USA ) and Agua y Sed ( Chile ). Gabriel continues to produce music as he still gives his mark as a dj in the chilean club's dancefloors.