- Riccardo Benigno


A contrasting talent, a fascinating music producer, a marvelous songwriter, a superb singer and a positive performer. Riccardo Benigno brings a distinctive expression through song, sound and performance, Raised in Johannesburg, South Africa traveling the music dimensions from when he was able to lift a speaker. The sonic experience is extremely colourful with subtle diversities. En captured with a mixture of technical percussion grooves, dirty synth sounds and vibrant vocals, the mixology reflects the future. Riccardo also performs part of the trio SOUNDLANGUAGE , along side his brother Domenico as B.o.B live and with Mr Fury in Searching Silence. With music released on labels Nomadiq Records, Something Different Recordings, Just Move Records, Magique Music and Kalushi Records Riccardo is still at the very beginning of an untamed journey through the time universal language of sound. “I believe that humanbeings are connected to the Earth in a way that we do not know nor understand, I believe we are connected in a way we cannot dream possible. Music, i feel, is bringing us closer together connecting humans and ultimately bringing us closer to the universe." "Life is the heart of the universe and love is the heart of the soul." "LIVE LOVE MUSIC"