- Ricardo Caminha


It all started in 1996 when Ricardo Caminha was only four years old and make a choice that would change his life forever, he decided to work as a musician based on his Rock n Roll roots.But in the same period of time, without discern genres really well because of his age, he used to listen some Dance Music too on the radio and didn't knew what kind of music was that, but in 2004 he re-discovered the Electronic Dance Music that made he remember the songs that he used to listen on his childhood.By the age of 15 he started to play in small parties for friends but the game changer was in 2008 when he was invited to play on the best club of his hometown, Florianópolis. From this day forward Ricardo was pretty sure that DJing was more than a hobby, it was his life!www.facebook.com/RicardoCaminhaOfficial www.soundcloud.com/ricardocaminha www.youtube.com/user/RicardoCaminhaCH