- Ric Stin


Richard Augustin, known as Ric Stin, was born on 20th December 1989 in Munich, Germany. When he was a little boy his parents gave him a keyboard and since then his interest in music aroused. He knew with twelve years how to handle a DJ Booth and played his music for an audience. He was booked for a club with already 15 years and produced with various softwareprograms. Since 2009 is Ric Stin a full-time musician, resident DJ in Europe’s biggest party area and playing on different club tours. In 2010 were his first track published: “Enrique Iglesias – Tonight (Ric Stin Dirty Dutch Remix). Several million downloaded this song and he’s still well known for that one. From this success on he worked together with international musicians like Nathaniel, Pietro B., Treyy G and lots of others. He publishes also regularly his own productions.