RHB is an Argentinian DJ. Besides, He is an electronic music artist, who is one of the greatest DJ/producer from Argentina. He has also gained international recognition for his composition and work in EEUU, England, Germany, Canada, Spain, Australia, and others.He produces and remixes different types of music styles, from house to trance. Music has always been his passion and his most valuable gift. His professional dj career began in 1992, when he was 16 years old. During his DJ carreer he shared his work with greats djs from local and international electronic scene.RHB is the owner of a company named "La Pieza Corp." , which has been producing and remixing tracks since 1998. His releases have been well accepted and used all around the world, and they are on sale in the most prestigious websites. RHB is, nowadays, a great dj and his shows are technically correct as well as great fun. RHB makes you enjoy the madness of funky-house and the delirium of electro, through different styles.