- Research Division


As members of the veteran Midwest electronica outfit Sheltershed, Dan and Shane discovered that whenever they got together in the studio the tracks they wrote spanned nearly every genre of electronic music. However, because of their popularity performing at underground dance parties they tended to only release the material that was dance floor friendly. As part of Sheltershed they enjoyed modest success through multiple CD releases, sponsorship from M- Audio and FutureRetro, positive reviews in Future Music Magazine UK (print), and radio and internet DJ play. The guys played festivals with well-known groups including Evol Intent and T he Echoing Green. T heir natural flow in the studio always created sounds that were too heavy or too diverse for most people on the typical dance floor, so feeling trapped at 140 bpm the guys were looking for a new outlet for their unique sound. Dan relocated to San Diego in 2007 and tapped into the West Coast vibe to fuel Research Division. The timing seems perfect for the atmosphere they try to create with their music; hard, intelligently designed layers with head bobbing grooves.